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Military Moving:

If you are looking for assistance with a military move, whether it be a active load or unload of a trailer with packing or unpacking service(s), or whether you are looking for a full-service move for an interstate or international move, our company is glad to help. Our local rates, packing material rates, interstate rates, and labor only rates are available for your assistance.

Military Local Rates:

During the Week Rates (Mon. - Sat.): Sunday Rates (Sat. - Sun.)
1 person: $40 per hour 1 person: $50 per hour
2 people: $80 per hour 2 people: $90 per hour
3 people: $120 per hour 3 people: $130 per hour
4 people: $160 per hour 4 people: $170 per hour
5 people: $200 per hour 5 people: $210 per hour


1 Workers may arrive with some equipment, including tools and packing boxes (depending on vehicle and material availability).
2 A two hour minimum applies during the week and a three hour minimum applies on the weekend
3 Rates are also subject to change depending on availability, location and time of year.
4 Please provide a minimum of 1 - 5 days prior notice for job scheduling.
5 Other terms and conditions may apply, please check Bill of Lading and / or any estimate for final terms and conditions