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East Coast

Local Move Price Table - Hourly Rates:

Local Moving Rates (hourly):

2 people and Truck: $110

3 people and Truck: $140

4 people and Truck: $170

4 people and 2 Trucks: $185

5 people and 1 Trucks: $200

5 people and 2 Trucks: $220


  1. Prices subject to change depending on availability and time of year
  2. Time billed with a two hour mimimum Mon. - Fri. and with a three hour minimum on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
  3. For local moves travelling out of town, travel time may be charged to and from warehouse
  4. Other conditions may apply, please check Bill of Lading and / or any estimate for final terms and conditions
  5. StorageTransit acts as a local booking and interstate moving agent of Dowdy Five Star Moving, Inc.
  6. StorageTransit has referral relationships with numerous other moving companies, agents and brokers to handle local, interstate and international transportaton work.
  7. StorageTransit West Coast Moving Rates: Seattle Moving