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Gun Safe Moving:

When moving pianos and gun safes, our crews emphasize safety and protection of the item being moves. Because of the heavy weight, difficult size of these items and equipment that we need to bring (ramps, protective floor covering, dollies, handcarts, etc.), a three hour minimum may apply, including travel time to and from our warehouse. In the event dispatch can combine another job on the same day (solely at company discretion), the time minimum may be reduced to two and one half hours.

For best results please have the make, model, dimensions and serial number or send a picture of the gun safe to our office to properly plan for your move

Gun Safe - Weight / Rate table

weight under 600 pounds

3 people

weight between 600 and 900 pounds

3 to 4 people (depending on size / access)

weight over 900 pounds to 1200 pounds

4 to 5 people (depending on size / access)

Gun Safes over 1,200 pounds

forklift required


Local Moving Rates (hourly):

2 people and Truck: $100

3 people and Truck: $130

4 people and Truck: $160

4 people and 2 Trucks: $175

5 people and 1 Trucks: $190

5 people and 2 Trucks: $205

- Prices subject to change depending on availability and time of year
- Gun Safe moving time billed with a three hour mimimum

For gun safe and piano moves, travel time may be charged to and from warehouse
- Other conditions may apply, please check Bill of Lading and / or any estimate for final terms and conditions
- StorageTransit is a local moving agent of Dowdy Five Star Moving Co.