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Obtain a Quote:

Interstate Rates are based on ranges, actual quotes may vary due to distance from closest major metropolitan area, or loading and unloading specifications (i.e. stairways, long-carries, etc.). Depending on method of transit a 1,000 to 4,000 pound minimum may apply. Note: one free month storage may typically be provided for interstate moves.

In our experience, when moving, you can expect the following ranges or personnel and time for local moves:

Studio / 1 bedroom apartment 2-3 movers expected time: 2-5 hours
2 bedroom apartment 2-3 movers expected time: 3-6 hours
3 bedroom apartment: 3-4 movers expected time: 5-7 hours
1 bedroom house 2-3 movers expected time: 3-5 hours
2 bedroom house 3-4 movers expected time:5-7 hours
3 bedroom house 4-6 movers expected time: 7-10 hours (may go two days)
4 bedroom house 4-6 movers expected time: 8-12 hours (may go two days)


The above time rates and number of personnel are guidelines only. Final time may vary greatly from the above ranges listed due in part to the acces of the location as well as other conditions not listed (i.e., traffic in the area, condition of the items, length of driveway, weather on day of move, etc.). Other terms and conditions not listed above may apply, please check Bill of Lading and / or any estimate for final agreement.