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Labor Only - Hourly Rates: / Price Table:

During the Week Rates (Mon. - Sat.): Sunday Rates (Sat. - Sun.)
1 person: $40 per hour 1 person: $50 per hour
2 people: $80 per hour 2 people: $90 per hour
3 people: $120 per hour 3 people: $130 per hour
4 people: $160 per hour 4 people: $170 per hour
5 people: $200 per hour 5 people: $210 per hour


  1. Workers may arrive with some equipment, including tools and packing boxes (depending on availability).
  2. A two hour minimum applies during the week and a three hour minimum applies on the weekend
  3. Rates are also subject to change depending on availability, location and time of year.
  4. Please provide a minimum of 1 - 5 days prior notice for job scheduling.
  5. Other terms and conditions may apply, please check Bill of Lading and / or any estimate for final terms and conditions



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