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West Coast

Local Move Price Table - Hourly Rates:

Local Moving Rates (hourly):

2 people and Truck: $130

3 people and Truck: $185

4 people and Truck: $215

4 people and 2 Trucks: $245

5 people and 1 Trucks: $260

5 people and 2 Trucks: $315


  1. Prices subject to change depending on availability and time of year
  2. Time billed with a three hour mimimum Mon. - Fri. and with a four hour minimum on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday)
  3. Travel time may be charged to and from warehouse
  4. Other conditions may apply, please check Bill of Lading and / or any estimate for final terms and conditions
  5. StorageTransit has referral relationships with numerous other moving companies, agents and brokers to handle local, interstate and international transportaton work.